The town with many souls

Mondovì is a town with many souls: founded around 1198, it still preserves its characteristic neighbourhoods which are very different among them. A stroll through the districts of Breo is particularly pleasant, with their façades dotted with sundials, cosy little squares, shops and the ancient automaton of the 'Moro' that strikes the hours. Thanks to the funicular railway, inaugurated in 1886, you can easily reach the upper part of the town: the ascent is comfortable and fast and it also offers a breathtaking panorama thanks to the carriages designed in 2006 by Giugiaro. Mondovi's most important buildings overlook the large Maggiore Square: the church of San Francesco Saverio, decorated with Andrea Pozzo's amazing paintings, the old town hall, the Museum of Ceramics and the Governor's Palace. A short walk leads to the Belvedere, dominated by the town's ancient landmark tower. Nearby, the sanctuary of Vicoforte, with the world's largest elliptical masonry dome, and the church of San Fiorenzo, decorated with more than 300 square metres of 15th-century frescoes, are not to be missed a visit.