The charm of the past

The town of Fossano was founded before the middle of the 13th century and its origins can still be seen in numerous views of its old town centre, but most of all in its majestic castle. Built in the 14th century by the Acaja family to sanction the dedication of the Fossanesi, it was later transformed by the Savoy into a residential palace, rich in elegant and precious decorations. The first nucleus of the town developed around the cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria and San Giovenale, the patron saint of Fossano. The imposing bell tower dates back to medieval times, and was later modified by Giovenale Boetto in 1666 adding the beautiful octagonal belfry. In 1778, works began to dismantle the old cathedral, in order to proceed with the construction of the new neoclassical church designed by architect Mario Ludovico Quarini. After the splendours of the Middle Ages, the entire town experienced a new and prestigious rebirth in the Baroque era, to which the main churches with their wavy volumes and airy, brilliant decorations in the town’s centre belong.