The triangular-shaped city

Founded at the end of the 12th century, the city of Cuneo is perhaps the only one having a name that perfectly matches its shape: flanked by the waters of the Gesso and Stura rivers, it stretches between the plain and the striking backdrop of the Alpine arc. Its historical centre has recently undergone major renovation works, which today allow us to fully appreciate its medieval layout characterised by picturesque narrow streets branching off from the wide Contrada Maestra, long porticoes and elegant palaces with decorated façades. Cuneo’s three museums and numerous Baroque churches tell the history of the town and its the area from the prehistoric times to the more recent ones and hold precious treasures of art and archaeology. In Cuneo there is plenty of space for open-air walks along the River Park (Parco fluviale) and the Angels’ Boulevard (Viale degli Angeli) as well as numerous opportunities to enjoy food and wine delights in the elegant Galimberti Square.