Borgo San Dalmazzo

At the foot of the Alps

At the time of the Romans Cuneo did not exist yet, but a very important centre for the control of this territory stood in this place: Pedona. Found at the confluence of three important valleys (Vermenagna, Gesso and Stura), the settlement flourished thanks to commercial traffic with Gaul. From the 3rd century A.D. Christianity spread thanks to the preaching of Saint Dalmazzo, who according to tradition, was martyred with his companions on 5th December 254 and buried here. Devotion to Dalmazzo led to the construction of several buildings, including the local church with its Romanesque crypt. The Abbey Museum, set up behind the parish church, recounts this important chapter in the ancient history of this area. A walk through the old town centre will lead you to the railway station, a protagonist of recent history. The touching Deportation Memorial and the Memo 43 45 space tell the story of the over 300 people, who were detained in the Borgo San Dalmazzo concentration camp and then deported to Auschwitz.