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Museo Diffuso

The Cuneo area is continuously developing a tourist vocation, even international, alongside its traditional agricultural and industrial strong points.  This tourism is based predominantly on enogastronomic and naturalistic excellence.
Artistic and cultural research is less developed and often limited to academics, even if there are many examples of artistic works of great beauty spread over the area that could leave a curious tourist who is not necessarily an expert with an indelible memory, arousing new emotions and interests.

Project description and context
The MUSEO DIFFUSO project was born from an idea of the Fondazione San Michele of Cuneo and of the Rotary Club of Cuneo, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Cuneo Alpi del Mare, Bra, Canale Roero, Mondovì and Barcellonette. It is proposed as an important step in the tourism promotion of the area, standardises churches and monuments through the creation of a web portal containing video guides in three languages (Italian, English and French) reachable by using a QR CODE. With a simple application that can be downloaded free of charge on smartphones and tablets, you can access the portal and use the guide independently and directly on site.

Therefore, it is a modern approach to:

  • prepare the tour
  • learn about other linked monuments, thus having the possibility to prepare a tour as you wish
  • experience the tour as an on-site protagonist
  • be able to return virtually to the work

The strength of the project consists in it being modulable and implementable in time and space; the addition of new interlocutors may lead to an extension of the offer, however always maintaining an unvarying and recognisable line. Because of the by now consolidated format, the working group can ensure an excellent result in minimal times.
The coordinated image of the “Museo Diffuso del Cuneese” will allow individual sites to be recognisable thanks to polycarbonate plates bearing the logo of the project and the instructions to reach the dedicated portal through QR codes or browsers. The same references will then be displayed on the websites of the institutions, financiers, municipalities, managing bodies, etc.

Museo Diffuso Cuneese is a project of:


with the patronage of: